Cas van Laar

Jeffrey Kluijtmans

Pixels & Beards

Introducing Pixels & Beards as a duo of young entrepeneurs, ready to take on the world with their creative and fresh ideas.

The brand focusus on creating new and refreshing multimedia. Their specialties are Photography, Web Design, Videography and Graphic Design.

By combining their seperate strengths and bundling their creative minds they strive to make your dreams come true.. in a multimedia way that is.

The heroes of Pixels & Beards don't use a fixed office space, instead they work freely from their own homes.

Free of boundaries and able to realise just about anything, for just about everybody. At Pixels & Beards they treat every job as a new experience.

But don't just take our word for it, take in the atmosphere of this website and convince yourself of the power of Pixels & Beards.


"Photography is the art of capturing the actual beauty of life, essentially it's the act of appreciating the moment."

At Pixels & Beards photography isn't just a hobby, it's more of a passion.

By trying to lift their photographs to another level, they will be able to capture all the beautiful moments that you'll cherish and love for eternity.These works differ between commissioned work and our own creative ideas.

Photography isn't just about shooting a pretty picture. It's a craft of its own. Pixels & Beards likes to share the skills and tricks involved with this craft, and offers workshops varying on customer wants.

Pixels & Beards Photography Expertise:

  • Portraits
  • Street Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Music Photography
  • Custom Photography
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    "A good Web Designer employs many different skills and tools in the creation of user-friendly webexperiences."

    Designing for the world wide web, it all sounds so complex. Well it is, but at Pixels & Beards they don't shy away from a challenge.

    Creating a website nowadays is quite simple. But creating a good user experience is way more important. An user experience is the way your user connects with your website. This can be good, or this can be bad. Everyone has had bad web experiences.

    At Pixels & Beards they believe that by putting the user experience first, they can offer better and user-friendlier websites for their customers.

    Pixels & Beards Web Design Expertise:

  • Webdesign (Design, HTML, CSS, JQUERY) + Support
  • WordPress websites + Support
  • Social Media Support
  • Processing Workshops for kids
  • For more information you can contact Pixels & Beards at


    "Capturing movement and sound makes a picture come to life, it gives the viewer an emotional experience that says more than mere words."

    Videography at Pixels & Beards is taking ideas and visualizing it in motion. . Whether it's capturing the worlds beautiful nature or making after movies for events.

    It's all about showing your users what you really want to show them.

    At Pixels & Beards Videography comes as a second nature to Photography, combining the two crafts but also mastering them as separate skills.

    Pixels & Beards Videography Expertise:

  • Corporate Films
  • Advertisements
  • Promotional Films
  • Event Films
  • After Movies
  • Custom Films
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    "A Graphic Designer could be defined as a slave to the pixels, prints and creative ideas."

    Pixels & Beards Graphic Design focuses on the end user, while still holding true to their colours. The goal of their work is to reach their target audience with creative, fresh ideas, that help your business to grow.

    At Pixels & Beards they look at the ever-changing world and how this impacts their products, their expertise and their customer wants.

    Pixels & Beards Expertise:

  • Posters
  • Logos
  • Flyers
  • Prints
  • Merchandise
  • For more information you can contact Pixels & Beards at

    KvK Pixels & Beards: 65092171

    Based in Maastricht, The Netherlands

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